Monday, November 10, 2008

Here are a few finished items from the latest looming class that I did on the flower loom and spool loom. The candy canes and wreaths were done on the spool loom. I used pipe cleaners to shape them. An easy way that I found to insert the pipe cleaner, into the middle of the candy cane, was to feed the pipe cleaner into a drinking straw push it down the middle of the candy cane and then holding the bottom of the pipe cleaner pull the straw back out. It worked perfectly without getting caught or snagging the wool. I really enjoyed this class and will be making quite a few more for the grandchildren for Christmas. I must say this class took me for a trip down memory lane. My Dad used to make me spool looms out of old thread spools in varying sizes and I would sit and knit on them for hours.

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