Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I finished the baby bonnet for the Loom Class and really wanted to do the Little Socks but my problem was that I didn't have the right loom to do the class. Then because I really wanted to do these socks/booties, Necessity became the Mother of invention. Below are pictures of how I accomplished being able to do these. Thank you Graciela for this patten!

Above are the finished socks/booties

The following pictures are how I finally accomplished doing these without the loom called for in the pattern. This idea came to me while making spaghetti, after opening the can of tomato paste I thought if I buy some cotter pins and put them around the sides of the can it should be close enough to the loom size needed. So after a trip to Canadian Tire and $1.70 later, I set to work putting the pins around the side of the can and taping them there with heavy duty packing tape. Then to try my first sock/bootie, success it worked perfectly.


  1. Ingenius! Wish I would have brilliant moments like that! :D

  2. Smart thinking Pam! Did you know there are alot of things around your home that can be used for looms, just think round or long looms then walk around and look lol. Great job.

  3. Great idea, Pam! I love your creative thinking. This would be a good project for a group of kids during the summer.

  4. Awesome!!! Thank you for sharing!Would love to try some projects, but just can't afford the extra looms! You get a smile from me!