Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Still busy trying to get all my loomy presents done in time for Christmas, I'm almost done, just a few more to do and I'll be finished. Decided to take some time out from Christmas Looming and do The McCoy Mitts from the Loom Class by Robin MCoy, the pattern was originally done with the Kiss Loom, but since I don't have that Loom I did them on the Blue Knifty Knitter and I think they turned out really nice. I'm thinking that if I can finish my other Christmas projects this week, I will make a few more pairs of the Mitts as extra gifts.


  1. I've decided that you're one of the fastest loomers around...lol You whip stuff out so fast and it all looks great!

  2. Wow, nicely done, and interesting pattern!
    Would you be willing to offer pattern/instructions for these, something even simpler would be fine too (most familiar w/knifty knitter round but also have the rectangle looms). I am a merchandiser for magazines and the ink and talc makes the skin break out on my arms from the wrist about 6-8 inches up. It looks like these would provide great protection, I'd want to make them a bit more snug and would use a dark cotton yarn...kymm: kward4paz@yahoo.com